Kiwa Qualified makes your work easier as this service delivers your certificates faster and notifies you whenever the certificats needs your attention. The service also provides the opportunity to upload certificates and integrate them in the service.

As a welding coordinator there are alot of documentation to keep updated. Kiwa Qualified helps you manage welding qualifications och procedures.

The entire certification process is integrated in the system which makes it possible to cut the lead time to a finished certificate. The system alerts you whenever the certificates needs your attention which helps you focus on the important work. It is also possible to collect all your documentation in one place for easier management.

All certificates are verified by a QR code which allows anyone that are reviewing the certificate, paper or digital, to verify that it is valid.

There are three types of users, certificate managers, readers and holder.

  • Certificate managers has fully access to manage the certificate and perform confirmation, prolongations etc.
  • Certificate readers has the possibility to search and print certificates.
  • Certificate holder has the opportunity to monitor their own certificates.
Portal benefits:
  • Manage your certificates faster
  • Get notified by the system
  • Easier documentation management