Digi-Tags, the enabling solution to find all the safety information and inspection data in a split second. Simply scan the Digi-Tag QR code on the asset with your smartphone and see it immediately. No need to install and update an App. Does a user or manager have doubts about the safety status of the equipment ? He/she can quickly check it before the appliance is used!

Digi-Tags is a unique solution that makes structured data publicly accessible through a scan, while protecting confidential information at the same time.

On top, in the analytics dashboard, the Digi-Tags user can consult and analyse the history of the asset in terms of inspection data, a complete list of all inspected assets and can compare safety and maintenance data on the basis of various features and filters.

Don't waste time identifying your devices or looking for their status in printed reports anymore. Digi-Tags is specially developed to make your life and that of your employees easier and safer! Discover our innovative and disruptive solution for the inspection world!

Increase the availability of your assets and stay in control at all times by digitizing your field data. Deploy in a few weeks and see the results immediately. Among all functionalities:

  • Faster asset identification and instant access to relevant data: 24/7 safety info in the palms of your hand where each QR code can be quickly consulted for up-to-date inspection reports, simply by scanning the QR-code via your smartphone camera (no installation of an app needed).
  • Efficient grouping of your assets: one can easily provide a group' tag per industrial asset, per location or per person to consult the list of all associated group devices and the inspection report. Creating the group, adding, and removing assets from the group is simple and can be done by the user himself.
  • Manage all your procedures, user manual, safety instructions in the document portal: browse through reports and essential documents in your easy to build digital folder per asset. Attach unlimited number of documents, user manual, installation guide, photo's and more.
  • Manage maintenance and repairs via Tasks: effortless task management increases safety on the workfloor. Assign tasks to a responsible person, set deadlines, add comments and follow-up in your own interactive dashboard.
  • Report unsafe situations, incidents and perform your own quality checks via the customizable checklist tool: use the simple questionnaire designer and digitize your work flows to improve your field operations.
Portal benefits:
  • Faster asset identification and access to relevant data & documents
  • No installation required of mobile app: scan the QR-code & activate Digi-Tags tools
  • Digitize your workflows and improve field operations via custom checklists
  • Streamline your maintenance via effortless Tasks management and instant access to safety info
  • Efficient asset management with support of interactive analytics in a powerful dashboard